"Please send me your autograph and sign it." -- Alison Burns, age 7


"The best school program I've seen in 16 years of education!" -- Mrs. M. Geibel, Principal, Bordentown, NJ


"I had a multiple CD player in my old car and all 6 slots were filled with Jonathan Sprout CDs. My new car has only one slot, but it still has a Jonathan Sprout CD in it!" -- Mrs. J. Joyce, Park Ridge, NJ


"Jonathan's presentation ~ his stage presence, his message, his music, his caring ~ the total package which is undeniably his own self shining through ~ were all REMARKABLE.  These few words are simply inadequate to express the amazing impact he's had at our school, through visiting and sharing with our kids."
Cathy K., Music Teacher, North Wales, PA


"Jonathan's program is seamless. The lyrics are a lesson and his manner with children is excellent." ... Increase Miller Elementary School, NY   ***** (5 of 5 Stars)


"The children love it and it supports our nonfiction unit for meeting the Common Core." ... Meadow Pond Elementary School, NY   ***** (5 of 5 Stars)


"The most inspiring program we have ever seen. Our PTA invites him back every year. I was so inspired by Jonathan's program that I wrote and earned an IMPACT II Developers Grant on 'Heroes.' The grant enabled me to incorporate parts of his program into my kindergarten curriculum. My Grant held such high interest among my colleagues that 3 teachers from neighboring school districts replicated my HEROES grant so that the chain of knowledge re: Heroes was extended and strengthened mani-fold!”
Vivian Rose, Teacher, Bardonia, NY


"An amazing performer who inspires the children. He is a great singer-storyteller." ... Westorchard Elementary School, NY  ***** (5 of 5 Stars)


"Jonathan, your generosity, mission and talent raise you to the level of the heroes you sing about. I hope it's clear to you
that you've truly touched the lives of our students with your music. Oh, and you totally should've won that Grammy." ... Jen C., Teacher, Haddonfield Friends School, NJ 


"Out of the hundreds of children's performances I have seen and presented, Jonathan Sprout's was the most engaging, fun-filled, informative and provocative one yet! I have never enjoyed a singer/songwriter/performer more than Jonathan Sprout. He is a consummate professional."
Peter Lesnick, Director, Kelsey Theatre, Trenton, NJ


"I love your songs.  Do you like cupcakes?  We loved having you here!  Do you like Mrs. T?  I love you." -- Love, Amber


“Jonathan's performances are sensational! He has an incredible gift that has inspired all of us at Kernsville Elementary to strive to be heroes. His visits are one of the highlights of the year.” -- Dawn Davis, Presenter, Kernsville, PA


“I have been teaching 29 years and this concert is by far the best school assembly we have ever had. The show was definitely “Disney” quality. But more important, the educational content and student participation was outstanding!" -- Robin Atkins, Teacher, Sewell, NJ


"I am so happy, I might exp0load I hope you have fun at any other consort you have.  I wish you could have more songs but you don't so I guess I'll have to stik with theas songs."
-- Your fan, Taylor S. 


“Sprout's music makes heroes come to life. His concerts get an A+ because they entertain and educate.”
Dr. Dennis Denenberg, Author
Fifty American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet


“Jonathan Sprout teaches children the importance of dreaming big through a musical history lesson of our American Heroes. He is our first booking annually!”
Glenn Noack, Principal, Whitehall, PA (where Jonathan has performed 26 times)


"Outstanding! Jonathan Sprout addressed so many issues that are important to children. I've never seen the children enjoy themselves so much - they sang and danced beautifully. Mr. Sprout had a magical quality - and his love and understanding of children permeated the entire program." -- Suzanne Oratio, Teacher, Maywood, NJ


"The children were not the only ones who decided you were great. As teachers we decided yours was the best assembly we've ever had." -- Barbara Hillman, Presenter/Teacher, Wall, NJ


"You toured in six counties, had 21 performances and 14+ workshops ... you gave two performances at geriatric centers and one at an Alcoholic Center as well as a performance that included disabled/handicapped, nursery and developmentally impaired children. You were a fantastic success and so many would like to have you return. The evaluations say it all."
Sr. Carolyn Madden, Arts In Education Presenter, North Country Community College, NY


"The audiences of over 40,000 students, teachers and administrators attending your performances were delighted and excited and most impressed by your ability to combine your fun filled music and songs with wholesome values and discrete messages of loving, caring and kindness to each other as friends. The consistently high quality of the 100 performances and your consummate artistry earns high praise and applause from all of us at Project IMPACT. It was a great pleasure to work with such a committed (and organized) professional."
Lynne Kramer, Director, Project IMPACT


 "My hole class loved singing with you!! You are the funniest person I ever meant.  Thank you for comeing to are fun and crazy school!" -- Love, Treazure W.


“Thank you for a terrific performance at Dickerson School. The teachers and students were absolutely mesmerized and couldn't stop raving about your performance. Your ability to immerse our children in song, while exposing them to the meaning of a hero is outstanding. We look forward to welcoming you back to our school!”
Ann Gegelys, PTO Cultural Arts Chair, Chester, NJ


“Jonathan Sprout's music is memorable and exciting. The heroes he chooses are always interesting wonderful examples of positive, selfless individuals. He has a unique talent for the blending of history and music that the students love!” -- Mrs. G. Kulick, Principal, Stroudsburg, PA


“Sprout's music is all you'd wish for your children…fun to sing and fortified with exciting knowledge for children and parents … A true test of great children's music: Would you listen to it when no children are around? My answer is "Yes!" -- Margot Gyorgy, Presenter, Worthington, OH


“Informative and entertaining. Our students and staff look forward to the show every year” -- Mr. C. Sylvester, Presenter, North Wales, PA


“The best concerts at our school by far; not sure whether teachers or students love Jonathan Sprout more! Squeaky clean and extremely thought provoking. He brings joy to learning."
Lizanne Fisher, Presenter, Ambler, PA


“Jonathan Sprout brings the essence of History with excitement and passion to all ages! Every year we enjoy his music along with our history lessons. His music highlights our Montessori curriculum.” -- Mrs. P. Slater, Presenter/Teacher, Andover, MA


"I think your show was the best in the world! It was outrageous to look at you on the stage." -- Jeff E., age 8


"I have never seen an audience so full of smiling and happy faces as at your concert! (The children) kept singing and humming to themselves as they went out the door to go home. It was almost more fun watching their reactions!" -- T. Mottley, 1st Grade Teacher, Northvale, NJ


"Jonathan Sprout is a presenter's dream... a highly professional artist with a personal concern for the success of the performance... and truly a pleasure to work with! He provides an extensive (and creative) advance publicity packet ...

Jonathan is a dynamic fusion of talent and enthusiasm, with great audience rapport and appeal. His upbeat entertainment consistently draws the largest and most enthusiastic audiences to our summer concert series."
Bonnie Bruccoleri, Program Supervisor
Cultural Arts Commission, South Brunswick Rec. Dept.
Monmouth Junction, NJ


"Jonathan Sprout accomplishes the almost-impossible. He makes children's music accessible to adults as well as children. Jonathan himself is a major selling factor behind his music. His warmth, good humor and genuine love of music and children come through. 'Children of the Future' has been a great hit on KID'S CORNER."
Kathy O'Connell, KID'S CORNER Host
WXPN Radio, Philadelphia, PA


"Our National Theatre audiences were utterly captivated by your splendid songs and vibrant style...they all want more of witty, wonderful, super-duper Jonathan Sprout!"
Kathleen Barry, Director, National Theatre
Washington, DC


"Jonathan is an excellent children's artist. He relates well to the kids and their parents. Tech is simple but effective. Outreach is exceptional. Sales of tapes are brisk, post show. Very helpful with PR. My second time presenting him but not the last."
Peter Lesnik, Director, Norris Theatre
Palos Verdes, CA


"In twenty years, I have never seen a program so well received by students." -- Kenneth S. Ruhland, Principal, Mt. Laurel, NJ


"Kids adore Jonathan Sprout and his often-funny, sometimes-touching, always-insightful music." -- Sharon Shlegel, The Times
Trenton, NJ


"This record is perfect!" (On The Radio) -- Karen Holm-Hudson, WEFT 90.1 FM, Champaign, IL


"Jonathan Sprout makes the most inspirational children's music I've ever heard! On The Radio is one of our best selling tapes. Kid Power is ten times better!"
Ricki Block, Owner, Ariel's Child Toy Stores, New Windsor, NY


“When I grow up I am going to put you in my song." -- Doneysha L., student, Smithville, NJ


"The Phil Specter of the nursery crowd." -- Evan Pritchard, Editor, Resonance Magazine


"One of Pennsylvania's best-loved children's entertainers." -- Kathy O'Connell, host of WXPN's Kid's Corner, Philadelphia, PA


"Your music has always been among the most popular on the Imagination Station."
Sam Cooper, Program Director
The Imagination Station - Radio Just For Kids
St. Louis, MO


"..an appealing mixture of humor and sincerity... speaks to the natural idealism of youth... an engaging performer who maintains a sense of the absurd without straining for effect."
Tom Armbruster, Denver Parent - Denver, CO
Parent's Press - Berkeley, CA


"Your Kid Power CD is excellent - already used three songs for August Dancing Dog Radio.... by the way, the cover on the Lullaby album is perfect."
Willie Sterba, Producer, Dancing Dog Syndicated Radio, Mineral Point, WI


"A synthesized mix of new age music and simple lyrics...(including) soothing instrumentals, ending with a beautiful tune aptly called 'Peace.'" (Lullabies for a New Age)
Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times


"I am ordering the CD of Kid Power because my daughter Amanda has literally worn out the cassette (not a complaint but a complement.) You go everywhere with her in the car... You have made a lasting impression on my daughter that has not changed since the day you performed here."
Ken MacDonald, Principal, Toms River, NJ


"State-of-the-art recording and great fun."
Sherban Cira, Director of Children's Music
SongTalk Magazine, Hollywood, CA [Kid Power CD]


"If you're going to stock one children's title, this is it."
PJ Birosik, New Age Retailer [Lullabies for a New Age CD]


"Jonathan Sprout's exuberant collection of original rock songs emphasizes the importance of thinking independently, making decisions, and protecting the environment." "...snappy melodies and catchy lyrics..."
Susan Reisner, Booklist [Kid Power CD]


"Mr. Sprout is one of the few entertainers we've worked with who is able to hold a large group of very young children spellbound for an extended period of time... He will give you a day your children will talk about for months."
Phil Meara, Assembly Coordinator, East Windsor, NJ


 "A superb collection of silly and inspiring songs for kids of all ages focusing on the joy of being all one can be."
Cheerful Earfuls Music Catalog, Denver, CO [On The Radio CD]


"I think your collection of lullabies is beautiful. It is a welcome addition to our Bedtime Stories program. I frequently use your LP on my weekly kid's show. "Friends" and "Litterbug" are local favorites. Thanks!"
Debbie Twombly, KMUN - 91.9 FM, Astoria, OR


"Funny and resonant at the same time, Jonathan Sprout's lyrics join his can't-help-humming-along music in songs that will make you want to be a kid again."
Jeanne Kramer, General Manager, KIDS Radio
Springfield, MO


"You don't need another Raffi when we have a Jonathan Sprout."
Connie Flint, Principal, Sicklerville, NJ


[Kid Power] "You won't find a better example of high consciousness, high energy children's music."
Heartsong Review, Cottage Grove, OR


"Your show at our school was a tremendous success! I have never seen all the teachers and students having such a great time together, as I saw at our assemblies. I have had more teachers and students alike tell me how awesome they thought the show was and asking if you would be able to come back again next year... Having performers like you come in makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable. God has blessed you with a tremendous gift!! THANK YOU for sharing it with us!"
DeAnne L. Gerner, Presenter, Jacksonwald, PA


"Bright rockin' tunes predominate on this disc, the best of which is the goofy, inspired silliness infecting the title track."
New York Daily News


"Sprout's zippy melodies, backed by crackling electric guitar, are beguiling... clever..." [Dr. Music]
Parenting Magazine


"...Jonathan Sprout has one of the biggest guitar and drum sounds in children's music, but his high-energy recordings possess subtle charms as well...vocals are clearly understandable... lushly produced... packed with good stuff... exuberant..."
Family Fun Magazine


"Jonathan Sprout cares about kids and music, and his love of both comes through in DR. MUSIC.... Highly produced with a fine rock orientation, he blends good advice with a mix of styles."
Kathy O'Connell, Metro Kids Magazine


"Wherever he goes, singer Jonathan Sprout stresses the value of hard work and patience to his audiences."
The Philadelphia Inquirer


"...great inspiring messages...loads of fun!"
Heartsong Review [Dr. Music CD]


"...this artist's unending creative vision has touched the hearts of over one million people....From the sweetly uplifting 'Patience' to the downright sidesplitting 'Wyatt Burp,' Sprout's top quality, no gimmick children's music is a memorable delight.
New Age Retailer [Dr. Music CD]


"Contemporary musical styles and catchy lyrics....In between lyrical songs are musical interludes featuring appealing tempos and beats....Sprout has a pleasing, animated voice....Listeners will enjoy clapping and singing along to these selections, which offer captivating music and some excellent thoughts and perspectives on growing up."
Booklist [Dr. Music CD]


“A refreshing upbeat collection of fun, toe-tapping tunes. Hip contemporary themes like self-esteem or bullies are dealt with in creative musical ways. The Doctor is in!
Parents Express [Dr. Music CD]


“Dr. Music is a refreshing upbeat collection of toe-tapping tunes. The hip contemporary arrangements defy you to sit still. Themes like self-esteem, bullies and babies are dealt with in creative musical ways, and some beautiful instrumentals tie this attractive package together. The Doctor is in!
L.A. Parent [Dr. Music CD]


"When they're too old for Raffi and too young for Nine Inch Nails, Dr. Music is a nifty prescription: plugged-in-training-rock. Sprout's sophisticated-sounding songs approach worries ("Dancing," The Bully") and goofing around ("Wyatt Burp") with good humor and a good beat."
Doublespace: Radio Aahs Magazine, New York, NY [Dr. Music CD]


"Arguably the hardest rocking kids' artist out there."
Moira McCormick, Billboard Magazine


"His bright upbeat contemporary style keeps the story-songs moving at a good pace and the subject matter interesting. American Heroes is an excellent starting place for some lively discussions both at home and in the classroom."
Deborah Moore, Central Florida Family Magazine


"Kids Rocker Jonathan Sprout was dismayed by the results of a 1994 survey that showed school kids' heroes consisted of professional athletes and cartoon characters. So, Sprout recorded an album about real people with a real impact on humanity. American Heroes covers some of our country's most renowned leaders -- Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. -- as well as more subtle historical figures like Sacajawea and Clara Barton. Sprout's pop-rock offerings are flawlessly performed and produced, if a tad serious. Still, he does wedge in some comic relief, as in the irreverent "Washington's Hat."
Family Fun Magazine [American Heroes CD]


"Gr. 1-4. Jonathan Sprout profiles in original songs famous men and women in American history who exhibited more than physical prowess or "superpowers." He sings about people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Edison, and others. The soloist, background voices, and accompanying instruments blend nicely, and sound production is excellent. The concept of conveying the exploits of these famous Americans in contemporary song enhances the curriculum. With modifications and copyright permission, it could also become a dramatic production. Individuals listening may spur interest in one or more of the highlighted individuals. Lyrics and information on each person are included in the liner notes.


"The following releases offer family values in the best sense of the term and a celebration of the imagination."


"HEROIC ACT: Jonathan Sprout may not be a household name, but this prolific children's music veteran has earned a devoted following for his rock 'n' roll stylings and positive messages.

In his newest album, "American Heroes," Sprout sets out to let young listeners know that real heroes exist beyond professional athletes and cartoon characters, offering an earnest lyrical tribute to George Washington, Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Ben Franklin, Sacajawea, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Edison and Harriet Tubman.

In rock ballad rhythms, Sprout paints a kid-accessible picture of each historical figure: his songs about Edison and King are preceded by recordings of each.

To lock the message home, Sprout opens and closes with the inspirational "Heroes": "I want to find a hero. Someone to believe in... showing me the way."
Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times


"(The heroes) are musically brought to life in a fun and informative way... Jonathan's 3,000 performances and six albums worth of experience are showcased well on American Heroes -- he's learned his craft well... maybe someday some youngster will get the idea to add Jonathan Sprout to the list of American heroes! He's certainly a role model for the Nineties."
John Wood, L.A. Parent Magazine


"In his latest recording, Jonathan Sprout sings his original songs about real American heroes, such as Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The deceptively simple lyrics describe the compassion, courage, honesty, and perseverance of these admirable men and women. Sprout's tuneful melodies, backed by a children's chorus and contemporary instrumentation, will appeal to adults and children alike. (Ages 5-7)
Jill Jarnow, Sesame St. Parents Magazine


"Instead of pro athletes and cartoon characters, musician Sprout offers children some real heroes to look up to: George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amelia Earhart, and Clara Barton, to name a few. Illuminating, uplifting and occasionally funny, these pleasant songs detail the inventions, leadership, courage and compassion of an interesting mix of history makers. A" 
Anne Reeks, Parenting Magazine


“A teacher who has been in our district for some 20+ years commented to me that your performance was the best and most well received show she had ever seen in our schools.”
Susan Greene, Presenter, Cedar Knolls, NJ


“(For graduation,) one of our teachers developed a very touching slide presentation and utilized your song “Heroes” as one of the songs played in the background. Amazingly, the whole school population of almost 950 kids spontaneously started singing along; it was truly a beautiful thing. “Heroes” has become almost a theme song for Shoemaker School.

Your music has touched our lives. Kids today need desperately to hear your positive message. I thought you should know about your legacy at Shoemaker School.”
Richard Frederick, Teacher, Macungie, PA


“In my thirty-one years of teaching, I have never seen a program this good!” -- Susan Sweet, Teacher, Atglen, PA


“... A truly superb and inspirational concert ... You directly reflected the characteristics you write and sing about.” -- Nancy Lasner, Presenter, Newtown, PA


“Our car does not run without your tape!” -- Cathy Lazar, Presenter, Tenafly, NJ


“Every child likes good music and every child needs a real hero. Sprout has made that irresistible and necessary match in American Heroes.”
Deborah Moore, Parenting Plus Magazine 


“We feel fortunate to have had a musician and songwriter of such high caliber devote his extraordinary talent to our children. Jonathan’s performances are a rare mix of child sensibility and adult compassion. By the end of both programs, he had children and adults alike dancing in the aisles. Our audiences, gave Jonathan Sprout standing (and singing and dancing) ovations.” -- Susan Richmond, Presenter, Concord, MA 


“Jonathan’s American Heroes Two concert is entertainment at its best. Our staff and students sang and danced while learning information that addressed the Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies. Our best assembly to date, well worth the investment of time and money.”
Dr. Alyce Anderson, Principal, Brick, NJ


“A unique blend of education and entertainment ... our children are still walking around singing your songs. Extremely enjoyable.”
Hopewell Elementary School PTA, Center Valley, PA


“This fresh album combines educational lyrics and catchy beats to make a highly entertaining listening experience that marches to the beat of a different drum.”
E-Toys [American Heroes CD]


“He’s so contagious. His messages are always so positive and motivating, filled with merriment and joy and good music.”
Ruth Sauter, Presenter & Director of Music & The Arts, The Doylestown Intelligencer, Doylestown, PA 


“You are a truly gifted performer who delivers such an important message. You are a great role model for the students, too ... I can’t wait for your next Heroes CD!”
Carol Strause, Teacher, Mertztown, PA 


“Jonathan Sprout's cool name isn't the only thing school-age kids appreciate about this guitar-toting, heavily touring troubadour. For one thing, he has a great singing voice, and he pairs it with contemporary-sounding, unkiddified music. His 1996 award winner American Heroes strings together folksy guitar lines, a smidgen of smooth R&B, a few handfuls of pop and rock, and a rhyme style teetering on the edge of hip-hop in a happy, nonjarring hodgepodge. But what's most impressive about Sprout on this release is his mission: after catching wind of a survey showing that most kids list athletes and cartoon characters as their heroes, he set out to spread the word on some other legendary folks. In inspiring and sometimes funny song-sketches, he relates the adventures of Thomas Edison, Sacajawea, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and Abraham Lincoln. In addition to planting the seed for more substantial heroes, of course, Sprout's also lending levity to some important history lessons here. American Heroes, then, should be shared with anyone who's feeling a little directionless, and it'll also come in handy for those whose social-studies grades are on the slide.”
Tammy La Gorce, Amazom.com Editorial review 

“Jonathan Sprout whips out his prescription pad as general practitioner on 1994's Dr. Music, dosing up a country cure here (the goofy, gassy "Wyatt Burp"), some healing hip-hop there ("Games"), and even a restorative hard-rockin' number ("Patience"). As with Sprout's American Heroes, the music here is impressively and adventurously performed. Where many releases for kids rely on the hackneyed hokey-pokey to get them grooving, Sprout energetically insists that "we're gonna clap our hands / and sing along / and dance around / and rock & roll!" ("Here Comes the Show"). The songs' subjects aren't strictly for fun: "The Magic Word" recalls the door-opening power of the P word ("You know that people love it / That's the beauty of it"); "The Bully" bravely pokes past the thorny exterior of the cantankerous Bobby to blow his bad-boy cover ("From behind the tough disguise / Bobby has tears in his eyes"); and "Patience" is in praise of the star struck Jamie, who has her sights set on becoming the next Hendrix but hunkers down to practice, practice, practice, "even when it isn't fun." In all, Sprout in a stethoscope works. If flat, uninspired, flimsily produced kids' music is what ails you, the doctor is in.
Tammy La Gorce, Amazom.com Editorial review 


“Jonathan Sprout created this matrix of “American Heroes” after reading that youth are increasingly idolizing contemporary celebrities rather than important historical figures. He responds to the trend with a string of songs -- rhythmically vivid and entertaining -- about heroes such as Thomas Edison, Sacajawea, George Washington, Amelia Earhart, and Martin Luther King Jr.”


“Students were amazingly mesmerized by the music and learned a lot about many incredible heroes. The children spoke about you for days after your performance.”
Judy Niconovich, Presenter, Stroudsburg, PA


“ Thank you for your wonderful American Heroes performances. I was already a fan of the concept of honoring people who exemplify positive qualities - honesty, dedication, charity, innovation - but I was especially impressed with your innovative methods of introducing these role models to children. The students received not only an informative history lesson through anecdote and song, but also many self-esteem boosters as well. You were thoughtful, thought-provoking, well-spoken, and professional. More important, you made each child feel good about his own

potential and place in history. The sound was superb (a feat in our not-so-perfect auditoriums!) due to your wonderful sound system and clear, strong voice. … in the Klosowski household you qualify as a true American Hero!"
Lynne Klosowski, Presenter, Ringwood, NJ


“One of the best performances we’ve ever had ... truly excellent.” -- Diane McDonough, Presenter, Warren, NJ


“In a perfect world, Jonathan Sprout’s American Heroes series of CDs would be distributed in every classroom. ... (A) treasure trove of historical information ... A marvelous introduction to the lives of history’s finest. More American Heroes has found a home in my CD player. ... “Aren’t I A Woman,” telling the story of Sojourner Truth, is an anthem for all ages and genders.

This is what learning should be -- a joyful musical experience. ... With this series of albums, “failure is impossible.” -- Kathy O’Connell, Metro Kids, Philadelphia, PA 


“A noteworthy new recording appropriate for home and school ... applauding the extraordinary actions of American heroes...”
Fred Koch, Chicago Parent [American Heroes CD]


“Snappy tunes and catchy lyrics ... rousing songs about American legends ... Even 8-, 9- and 10-year olds will enjoy Sprout’s unique blend of pop and rock, rhythm and blues, and ballads. ... upbeat and uplifting ... anthems for achievement, perseverance, charity and honesty.” -- Melissa Sodowick, The Times, Trenton, NJ


“(These) heartfelt songs paint inspirational portraits of men and women who changed American history.” -- Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times [American Heroes CD]


“Whoever said learning about the past can't be fun? Jonathan Sprout has presented the lives of 10 Americans whose contributions to society have changed the course of history and whose influences continue to impact us today.

Instead of simply stating dry facts and figures Jonathan has gone to the heart of what made these people great by the use of his prodigious talent for songwriting and singing. His musicianship shines through on every song as he illuminates the lives of great American Heroes such as Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt and Neil Armstrong and showcases inspiring and moving portraits of their struggles, self doubts and ultimate breakthrough to greatness.

Not enough can be said about Jonathan's own contribution to education and learning. With this CD he presents American history and its heroes in a new and intriguing light and debunks the myth that one is too old or too young to learn about this great country and the colorful heroes that made it so.
Carole Galvan, Editor, Tothebone.com


“Catchy songs ... likely to have your students singing, learning, and asking for more.” -- NEA Today


“Most worthwhile program EVER!” -- Twenty one year veteran 1st grade teacher, York, PA


“An inspiring collection that teaches as it entertains.” -- School Library Journal [More American Heroes CD]


“Jonathan Sprout's "More American Heroes" is a sprightly digest of American history that will have kids singing their way to cultural knowledge.”
Andrew Bartlett, Amazon.com


“Jonathan Sprout is back with another worthy album singing the praises of exemplary U.S. citizens. Handsome production values burnish Sprout’s midtempo pop-rock and ballad tracks, some embellished by vocal snippets from the heroes themselves, including Neil Armstrong and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Sprout details the Wright brothers’ first airplane flight in the percussive “When They Flew,” recounts Susan B. Anthony’s efforts for women’s suffrage in the fervent folk-rocker, “Carry On,” and lauds Helen Keller’s bravery in the lyrical “Keep Your Face To The Sunshine.” In all of these songs, Sprout looks at what qualities made these people extraordinary, and then suggests that these are attributes we all have within us. Not only do kids learn about towering figures of American history here, but they also carry away some valuable life lessons.”
Family Fun Magazine [More American Heroes]


“Chock full of catchy ditties about historical American figures ... the CD offers tons of sing-a-long worthy entertainment that comes in the appealing form of musical history lessons.”
Cassandra K. Hirsch, Parent’s Express


“Grades 4-8. In a sequel to American Heroes (1996), singer-songwriter Jonathon (sic) Sprout celebrates 10 famous Americans through original songs. Catchy pop and rock tunes praise such diverse heroes as Sojourner Truth, Neil Armstrong, and Tecumseh. The professional lead and backup vocals are easy on the ear, as are thought-provoking lyrics. Particularly engaging are “Carry On,” (a tribute to Susan B. Anthony) and “Keep Your Face to the Sunshine,” which evokes Helen Keller’s life without mentioning her name. The songs provide good resource material for American history projects and units on historical figures, here introduced in an imaginative and unique style. A neat resource for elementary and junior high school library collections.”
Laurie Hartshorn, Booklist [More AmericanHeroes CD]


“He’s truly inspiring – so unbelievable with the Student Body! Student response to him is incredible. His original songs continue to move us!”
Christiane Schell, Presenter, Golden’s Bridge, NY


“Kids' music veteran Jonathan Sprout follows up 1996's American Heroes with this second collection of musical biographies. Flawless production and an Adult Contemporary style (think Phil Collins or Lionel Ritchie) help describe the lives of historical luminaries from Sojourner Truth to Neil Armstrong. Perfect for 3rd - 5th-Grade classrooms, where students can pick apart Sprout's detailed lyrics and use them in conjunction with textbook info.”
Warren Truitt, Librarian,
Kidsmusicthatrocks.blogspot.com [More American Heroes CD]