Join the thousands of happy elementary school audiences that have benefited from this inspiring educational concert series.

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Recently debuted, this stirring energetic concert features original songs from Jonathan’s tenth album, American Heroes #4. The concert includes songs and fascinating stories about Samantha Smith, Albert Einstein, William Penn, Dr. Seuss, Theodore Roosevelt and Juliette Gordon Low. Included is “I See a Hero,” a heartfelt tribute to personal heroes.


Featuring songs and stories about Martin Luther King, Jr., Sacajawea,
George Washington, Amelia Earhart, and Abraham Lincoln


Featuring songs and stories about Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman,
Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Franklin, and Pocahontas


Featuring songs and stories about Susan B. Anthony, Johnny Appleseed,
Orville & Wilbur Wright, Neil Armstrong, and Sojourner Truth


Featuring songs and stories about Wilma Rudolph, John Muir,
Elizabeth Blackwell, Thomas Jefferson, and Milton Hershey


An interactive show featuring songs from five of Jonathan's award-winning albums ...
a celebration, focusing on self-esteem


Fifty-minute, spirited songwriting sessions with children, in the classroom