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 This fifty minute session provides an exciting link between today’s music and creative writing techniques. In each workshop, Jonathan awakens students’ poetic spirit by collaborating in the making of a group song. Presented clearly and simply, steps include: writing the lyric verses and refrains, making the music, and putting it all together to complete and sing the song. Each songwriting workshop is an energetic and highly creative event that often inspires children to uncover hidden talents and begin writing their own songs.  As a memento, the group is given a recording of its newly written song. It is recommended that a maximum of 30 students participate in each workshop.



Jonathan Sprout coordinated his first songwriting workshop for children in 1981. Since then, he has led more than 787 elementary and middle school songwriting workshops in schools and arts centers from New York to California.


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John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)

His real name was John Chapman (1774-1845) and he planted apple orchards throughout Ohio and Indiana with seeds he carried from the cider mills of Pennsylvania. He often gave his seedlings to settlers and is credited with many extraordinary acts of kindness to people and animals. The Indians let him wander without harm wherever he wished, believing him dear to The Great Spirit.

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