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1. When They Flew (Wright Brothers)
Aren’t I A Woman (Sojourner Truth)
First Man On the Moon (Neil Armstrong)

4. Carry On (Susan B. Anthony)
5. Eleanor (Roosevelt)
6. Break the Barrier (Jackie Robinson)
7. Agitate (Frederick Douglass)
Johnny Appleseed

9. Tecumseh
10. Keep Your Face to the Sunshine  (Helen Keller)
A Better World

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"Heartfelt songs ... inspirational portraits of men and women who changed American history." 
The Los Angeles Times


"An inspiring collection that teaches as it entertains."
School Library Journal


“Flawless production and an Adult Contemporary style (think Phil Collins or Lionel Ritchie) help describe the lives of historical luminaries from Sojourner Truth to Neil Armstrong. Perfect for 3rd - 5th-Grade classrooms, where students can pick apart Sprout's detailed lyrics and use them in conjunction with textbook info.”
Warren Truitt, Librarian,
Children’s Music that Rocks (


“Especially ideal for libraries and children to learn the histories of true heroes.”
Film Advisory Board, Hollywood, CA


“One of Bucks County’s most fascinating residents ... Jonathan Sprout uses rock & roll to entertain kids and teach them about courageous figures in history.”
Bucks County Midweek, PA, USA


“Kids love him and teachers praise him.  His songs are hailed as groundbreaking in the field of children's music."
Mark "The Shark" Drucker, KYW News 


A Better World winner of  Best Song for Older Children
Children’s Music Web Awards (


"A Better World" -  winner of 2001 First Place Award
National KidSing Song Contest, Omaha, NE


In a perfect world, Jonathan Sprout's American Heroes series of CDs would be distributed in every classroom. ... (A) treasure trove of historical information ... A marvelous introduction to the lives of history's finest. More American Heroes has found a home in my CD player. ... "Aren't I A Woman" telling the story of Sojourner Truth, is an anthem for all ages and genders. This is what learning should be -- a joyful musical experience. ... With this series of albums, "failure is impossible."
Kathy O'Connell, Metro Kids
Philadelphia, PA

"Catchy songs ... likely to have your students singing, learning, and asking for more."
NEA Today


"Another worthy album ... handsome production values ... Not only do kids learn about towering figures of American history here, but they also carry away some valuable life lessons."
Moira McCormick
Family Fun Magazine

"Snappy tunes and catchy lyrics ... rousing songs about American legends ... Even 8-, 9- and 10-year olds will enjoy Sprout's unique blend of pop and rock, rhythm and blues, and ballads ... upbeat and uplifting ... anthems for achievement, perseverance, charity and honesty."
Melissa Sodowick, The Times
Trenton, NJ


"Chock full of catchy ditties about historical American figures ... the CD offers tons of sing-a-long worthy entertainment that comes in the appealing form of musical history lessons."
Parent's Express


"A sprightly digest of American history that will have kids singing their way to cultural knowledge."
Andrew Bartlett, Children's music editor


"Upbeat, nicely arranged songs ... (with a) beautifully designed caricature cover. Yes, I'd definitely pack this along in my Harry Potter lunch pail."
John Wood 
Los Angeles Parent Magazine


"A noteworthy new recording appropriate for home and school ... applauding the extraordinary actions of American heroes."
Fred Koch
Chicago Parent

"Jonathan has gone to the heart of what made these people great by the use of his prodigious talent for songwriting and singing. His musicianship shines through on every song as he illuminates the lives of great American Heroes ... and showcases inspiring and moving portraits of their struggles, self doubts and ultimate breakthrough to greatness.  Not enough can be said about Jonathan's own contribution to education and learning. With this CD he presents American history and its heroes in a new and intriguing light and debunks the myth that one is too old or too young to learn about this great country and the colorful heroes that made it so."
Carole Galvan


"Catchy pop and rock tunes ... Professional lead and backup vocals are easy on the ear, as are thought-provoking lyrics. The songs provide good resource material for American history projects and units on historical figures, here introduced in an imaginative and unique style. A neat resource for elementary and junior high school library collections."