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Walt Disney (1901-1966) transformed the entertainment industry as he created some of the world’s most well-known and best-loved characters. Believing that adults deserve to have as much fun as children, he sketched cartoons, produced more than 100 movies, and built a theme park that remains the benchmark for all the planet’s playgrounds—Disneyland. He received more awards and nominations than any other individual in history. He and his staff of cartoonists, movie-makers, and Imagineers were recognized with more than 950 honors and citations from around the world, including 48 Academy Awards® and 7 Emmys®. Known as “the Man Behind the Magic,” he saw a world of possibilities through the eyes of an innocent child. If something can be imagined, he believed, it can be made real.


When I see things I don’t like, I start thinking,

“why do they have to be like this, and how can I improve them?”—Walt Disney


Through the Eyes of a Child

 (By Jonathan Sprout and Dave Kinnoin)


Snow White, seven dwarfs, a jealous evil queen,

A castle, and a handsome prince upon a silver screen.

Pictures came alive because a master of the arts,

An animated man created a whole new world that won our hearts.


Refrain:          Through the eyes of a child,

                        He could see what was fun,

                        And he brought that vision to everyone.

                        His work was his play. The joy ran wild.

                        Oh, the magic he saw through the eyes of a child!


Main Street, a jungle cruise, a roving Dixie band,

A kingdom for happy families—a true adventure land.

In spite of what the critics said, he made it all appear.

A dream come true, his kid’s-eye view made him the first Imagineer.




Bridge:          Somewhere in his imagination,

                       Somehow, he captured the feel,

                       Because his mind of make-believe

                       Made anything possible and everything real.  




©2014 Kanukatunes (ASCAP) and Song Wizard Music (ASCAP)

Lead vocal: Jonathan Sprout

Drum programming, percussion, bass, keyboards, tuba, tenor banjo, trumpet, trombone, and clarinet: Joe Mennonna

Guitars: Leslie Chew and Jonathan Sprout

Background vocals: Susie Stevens and Jimmy Hammer