Tumblr Review of American Heroes #4 by Alec Cunningham

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Album Review: Jonathan Sprout - "American Heroes #4"

After releasing a full 10 albums during his career, accomplished children’s musician Jonathan Sprout has proved that he knows what he’s doing. His newest release, American Heroes #4, is further testament to that. What makes him unique is that this is not just an album of fun songs for kids; this is an informational album that’s going to teach children while they’re having fun. These are all fun, upbeat, optimistic songs that have a lesson to teach. And although they are geared toward children, they happen to be a fun listen no matter how old you might be.

In “Powerful,” for instance, Sprout explains how even the slightest choices can have a major impact on someone’s life. “Heads, Hearts, and Hands,” encourages kids to do well in school and live life respectably because after all, they are the future of the world. “Dr. Seuss” is a wacky, fun track about the famous children’s writer himself. Sprout sings in a goofy voice that is sure to be engaging for everyone listening. Although it’s a fun song, Sprout makes a point to remind listeners that every Dr. Seuss books still has an important story to tell.

“E=MC2,” is a song about Albert Einstein and the mathematic formula that made him so famous. What would be even more impressive would be if he made up an engaging song about all of the important mathematic formulas to help with the studies of high school level students.

Because this album is about this heroes of the world, it has the power to evoke inspiration from children everywhere. It’s clear that this guy has done his research for every single song. And because of this he probably has put more time into writing and composing his music than many other artists have.

No matter how old you are, these songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. It’s clear that Sprout has perfected his craft. He’s got a niche sound that not too many other artists share, especially since his music is tailored to such a youthful audience. Whether you’re a teacher looking for something to play your students in the classroom or you’re a parent looking for a way to make learning a little more fun for your child, this is the way to do it. Your kids are going to enjoy this album.

Review by Alec Cunningham

4.5 stars (out of 5)

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