Words & music by

The Class of '89 Sixth Grade Students of

Allentown Elementary School, Allentown, NJ,

Their teachers: Rosemary James, Bob Graver, and Joan Kovacs,

& Jonathan Sprout



Come on everybody.  Come with me.

See the world as it used to be.

Once all the air in the sky was clean.

The rivers were pure and the land was green.


REFRAIN:  A better place to live

                   That's what we need.

                   We've got to stop the pollution

                   We want a solution

                   Right now!


Now the sky is smoggy.  There's sewage in the sea.

Wildlife has no place to be.

Oh Mother Nature, hear her crying.

Her creations in danger of dying.




What we need is a change of heart.

Gather up your friends and come with me.

Oh, it's never too late to start.

Let's make the world what it's supposed to be.




(All songwriter royalties from this song are donated to Greenpeace as voted by the 6th grade writers.)


© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)



Hold up your hands with me.

I want to dance with you.

Stand up and walk into light.

No need to worry here.

No need to think it through.

Whatever you do is all right.


You feel it.

You know it.

No one can take this feeling away.

It's forever there inside.

We feel it.

We know it.

Deep in our hearts we hear it say

There's nothing to hide.


REFRAIN:  Open up!  Hands to the sky!

                   Dance with happiness.

                   I want to see you let it out.

                   Open up!  Hands to the sky!

                   Sing with happiness.

                   I want to hear you shout!


Hold your head high with me.

I want to see you smile.

Open your heart.  Find the way.

I want to laugh with you.

To sparkle and shine with you.

You are the sunlight today.


You feel it.

You know it.

No one can take this feeling away.

It's forever there inside.

We feel it.

We know it.

Deep in our hearts we hear it say

There's nothing to hide.




© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Everybody knows

Who I'm talkin' 'bout.

He's got a bushy bushy tail.

Got a long wet snout.


I got him as a puppy.

Tried to train him well

But all he wants to do

Is run around and yell.


REFRAIN:  He likes to bark.

                   He likes to bark.


He'll sit and lie down

If I give him a bone

But he won't stay quiet.

Got a mind of his own.


Sometimes he runs away.

But he always comes back.

So he can howl at the moon

With the rest of the pack.




He tears up the rug.   

He chews on my shirt.

He digs in the garden.

Rolls in the dirt.

He tugs on his leash.

He chases after squirrels.

He tinkles on the bushes

To impress the girls.




Now I love my doggie.

He loves me too.

But everybody says,

"He belongs in the zoo!"




When he sleeps in my room

He snores so loud.

He barks in his sleep. 

He's a one dog crowd. 


So I put him out to wee wee

When I go to bed.

But he'd rather

Wake up the neighbors instead.




© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout & Leslie Chew)


I have some questions that live in my mind.

Most of the answers I can't seem to find.

Each day I listen, I read and I grow

Searching for answers I want to know.


I know my arithmetic.

I do my homework at night.

When it comes to geography,

I get around all right.


But I, oh I...I...I...

I wanna know!

          When will tomorrow be today?

          Why is "splaghetti" so hard to say?

          Where is the butter on a butterfly?

          Why am I always asking why?


I wanna know!

I got a lot of questions.

I just wanna know!

I'm open to suggestions.

Please, I wanna know.


People have said, "Just be patient.  You'll see."

But why don't they answer my questions for me?

I want some answers.  Where do I turn?

Somebody teach me.  I want to learn.


My report card has "A"s and "B"s.

I know how to spell.

I'm pretty good at history.

I've seen the Liberty Bell.


But I, oh I...I...I...

I wanna know!

          Who took the pepper from the Great Salt Lake?

          Whose fault is an earthquake?

          How come everybody hates to lose?

          Well somebody, give me some clues!


I wanna know!

I'm a curious cat.

I wanna know!

I wanna know where it's at baby! 


I wanna know!

          How come the dinosaurs went away?

          Why don't I always feel OK?

          Who tells the winter when to change to spring?

          I wanna know everything!

          What makes a caterpillar spin a cocoon?

          What kind of person invented the spoon?

          How come giraffes have a long throat?

          Why does an ice cube float?

          How does rain get up in a cloud?

          How come adults can do things I'm not allowed!


© 1990 Kanukatunes, ASCAP




(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)

With thanks to my friends at Trinity Cooperative Day Nursery,

Swarthmore, PA for their inspiration


Wiggly wiggly wiggly wee

I got a loose tooth and it wiggles for me

It says "Wiggle me wiggle me!  Come on!  Wiggle me free!"

It's a shaky situation I think you'll agree.


REFRAIN: Loose tooth...I gotta loose tooth.

                   Loose tooth...I gotta loose tooth.

                   Loose tooth...I gotta loose tooth.

                   Loose tooth...I gotta loose tooth in my mouth.


When you have a loose tooth, then you know why

If you bite into an apple you can say "bye bye."

I wanna give it a yank, but I'm scared to try.

I think my tooth is a little shy.




Is it true that a tooth is just a bone?

Well it rattles when I sing in the microphone!

I wanna stop it but my tongue won't leave it alone.

I got a little problem of my very own.


Wiggly wiggly wiggly wee!

I wiggled it out!  Take a look and see!

It's going under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

There's a hole in my mouth where it used to be!


REFRAIN:  Loose tooth...I had a loose tooth.

                    Loose tooth...I had a loose tooth.

                    I'll get a new tooth...a new tooth.

                    New tooth...I'll get a new tooth in my mouth.


© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP




(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Hey!  Tools in my back bag.

Water in my bottle.

My legs are my motors.

My gear is my only load.

Feet in the toe clips

Helmet on my head

I'm gonna ride like the wind

Down an empty road.


When I'm riding

I feel the hills around me.

Fresh cool air surrounds me.

Scenery slides on by.

Wherever I bicycle

I wave to friendly faces.

Exploring brand new places

And I can't help but feel

As though I'm just about to fly!


REFRAIN: On my bicycle!  My bicycle!  My bicycle!

                   Riding along like the wind

                   My bicycle!  My bicycle!  My bicycle!

                   I don't really know where I wanna go

                   I'm just riding along.


Hey!  Wheels are spinning.

Oh, carry me away.

My gears are humming

To the sounds of a sunny day.


When I'm riding

I take the time to ponder.

Let my spirit wander.

And feel like I belong.

Wherever I bicycle

I notice so much more

Than I ever did before.

Sometimes I get tired

But I'm happy I'm so strong.




© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Sometimes I see

I am so lucky

When you're with me, my friend.

You make me laugh

When we're together.

We do not have to pretend.


REFRAIN:  My friend,

                    You are the light that sparkles in my eyes.

                    Anytime you need me I'll be there for you.

                    My friend, my friend.


I always feel

Happy around you.

You make life real, my friend.

And when you go

Sometimes I am lonely,

But we both know you'll be back again.


REFRAIN: My friend,

                   You are the light that sparkles in my eyes.

                   Anytime you need me I'll be there for you.

                   Call me.  Call me.

                   My friend,

                   Whenever I think of you, my spirits rise.

                   I would give you anything I have 'cause you're

                   My friend, my friend.


I think of you as part of me.

I feel it in the air.

I know it isn't hard to see

You'll be my friend everywhere.




© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP




(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


"You are never given a wish without also being given

 the power to make it come true."  - Richard Bach



Sometimes I just want to be alone,

Thinking on my own, by myself.

Sometimes I just need to get away,

Talk to myself and say, "Hello again."


Somewhere deep inside of me

Somewhere deep inside of me


I have a friend inside of me.

Someone who's strong

Someone who's free

Someone who's happy just to be


Someone who's not afraid to try

Someone who wants me to fly

Somewhere deep inside.


Who will I be?

How will I grow?

What's deep inside?

I need to know.


Somewhere deep inside of me

Somewhere deep inside of me


© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP




(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Sometimes when I look around the world

I see so many people hurting each other.

Have you ever thought:

Why are people starving... fighting?

How come we don't take better care of each other?


Think of all we have

And tell me, is it right

Millions of people

Are hungry each night?

There are children in the world

Who may not live

Unless you and I share.

It's up to us to give.


We can't solve the problems

Just by thinking about them.

We've got to stand up and do the things

We believe in.

What do you believe in?


REFRAIN: Stand up!

                   Let me know you're there.

                   If you see somebody crying

                   Show them that you care.

                   Stand up!

                   How much can you share?

                   A little bit can mean a lot.

                   Everybody everywhere stand up!


I believe there will come a time

When we'll all take care of each other.

And when we are ready

To love everyone,

To open our arms and hug the earth,

Then all the big problems

Will just fade away!

Here we come!


We're gonna make things better!

We're gonna do it right!




© 1990 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)




(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


When you're done eating dinner,

When you finish your drink,

And there's a stack of dirty dishes

In the kitchen sink,

Who's gonna wash 'em?

Who's gonna make 'em clean?

Someone's got to do them!

Do you know what I mean?


That's when I try to disappear

And not look suspicious.

But it's too late.

I get stuck with the dishes!

Somebody save me.

I'm stuck with the dishes!


Mommy says, "Show me that you love me.

Show me that you care.

Put your little hands

In the dish pan over there."

She says, "Sock it to 'em honey!

Do the best you can.

Go for the Gold

When you clean that pan!"


I say, "Mommy I got homework

And lots of friends to call.

Besides I'm really tired.

And that's not all.

I've been working all day

And it's just not fair.

Hey!  What about Daddy?"

(He's asleep in his chair.)


I'm gonna file a petition.

This is not judicious.

Curses, foiled again!

I'm stuck with the dishes!

What could be worse?

Stuck with the dishes!


Hey!  Maybe I could get my little brother to help.

Probably for a nickel he'd say, "Sure!"

But how would I explain about the broken plates and bowls?

He usually drops a couple on the floor.


Somebody save me

I'm stuck with the dishes!

Whoa-oh yeah!

I'm stuck with the dishes!


© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


So there you are, a shining miracle!

A gift of love right here today.

You are a dream come true.

I pray that time takes care of you.

I'll be with you all the way.


REFRAIN:  You're gonna fly.

                   You're gonna fly.

                   You're gonna fly some day.


You are an angel of love to me.

You are surrounded by a Light.

And as I stare into your eyes,

I cannot help but realize.

Soon you'll spread your wings in flight.




© 1990 Kanukatunes ASCAP