American Heroes CD
American Heroes Lyrics


1. Prologue
The Light Went On (Thomas Edison)

4. Washington’s Hat (George Washington)
Martin (Luther King, Jr.)
6. Amelia (Earhart)
7. Take A Ride (Harriet Tubman)
8. Ben Franklin
9. Angel of Mercy (Clara Barton)
10. All Across the Land (Abraham Lincoln)

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(The nation-wide consortium of 44 parenting magazines)

(Awarded by The Parents’ Choice Foundation)

“Flawlessly performed and produced.”
Family Fun Magazine


“This prolific children's music veteran has earned a devoted following for his rock ‘n’ roll stylings and positive messages... In rock ballad rhythms, Sprout paints a kid-accessible picture of each historical figure... offer(ing) family values in the best sense of the term and a celebration of the imagination.”
The Los Angeles Times


“This fresh album combines educational lyrics and catchy beats to make a highly entertaining listening experience that marches to the beat of a different drum.”


“Jonathan Sprout is making it his business to educate children about some of the nation's real heroes.”
FOX TV Evening News, Philadelphia, PA


“(The heroes) are musically brought to life in a fun and informative way... Jonathan's 3,000 performances and six albums worth of experience are showcased well on American Heroes -- he's learned his craft well... maybe someday some youngster will get the idea to add Jonathan Sprout to the list of American heroes! He's certainly a role model.”
L. A. Parent Magazine


“(Sprout’s) bright upbeat contemporary style keeps the story-songs moving at a good pace and the subject matter interesting. American Heroes is an excellent starting place for some lively discussions both at home and in the classroom.”
Central Florida Family


“Sprout's tuneful melodies, backed by a children's chorus and contemporary instrumentation, will appeal to adults and children alike.”
Sesame Street Parents Magazine


Chosen as sole recipient of BEST EDUTAINMENT AWARD
Deborah L. Moore, Tribune Media Services


“Sound production is excellent (and) the concept of conveying the exploits of these famous Americans in contemporary song enhances the curriculum.”
 Booklist Magazine (American Library Association)


A featured Product Pick in Learning Magazine


“Jonathan Sprout has done it again! American Heroes is outstanding in every way; wonderful music, lyrics and singing. What a fantastic way to teach kids about some great American legends. Radio AAHS is proud to give airplay to this entire album!”
Don Michaels, Radio AAHS Music Director, Minneapolis, MN


“One glance at the faces watching singer and songwriter Jonathan Sprout tells a tale of rapt attention.. (as) Jonathan recounts the lives of his heroes with drama, humor, and respect for his young audience.”

Gerald Kolpan, Reporter, FOX TV Evening News, Philadelphia, PA


“Illuminating, uplifting and occasionally funny, these pleasant songs detail the inventions, leadership, courage and compassion of an interesting mix of history makers.” Grade: “A
Parenting Magazine


“Our car does not run without your tape!”
Cathy Lazar, Concert Presenter, Tenafly, NJ


“Good quality edutainment.”


“Every child likes good music and every child needs a real hero. Sprout has made that irresistible and necessary match in American Heroes.”
Parenting Plus Magazine


Jonathan Sprout's cool name isn't the only thing school-age kids appreciate about this guitar-toting, heavily touring troubadour. For one thing, he has a great singing voice, and he pairs it with contemporary-sounding, unkiddified music. His 1996 award winner American Heroes strings together folksy guitar lines, a smidgen of smooth R&B, a few handfuls of pop and rock, and a rhyme style teetering on the edge of hip-hop in a happy, nonjarring hodgepodge. But what's most impressive about Sprout on this release is his mission: after catching wind of a survey showing that most kids list athletes and cartoon characters as their heroes, he set out to spread the word on some other legendary folks. In inspiring and sometimes funny song-sketches, he relates the adventures of Thomas Edison, Sacajawea, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and Abraham Lincoln. In addition to planting the seed for more substantial heroes, of course, Sprout's also lending levity to some important history lessons here. American Heroes, then, should be shared with anyone who's feeling a little directionless, and it'll also come in handy for those whose social-studies grades are on the slide.”
Tammy La Gorce, Editorial review


"Instead of pro athletes and cartoon characters, musician Sprout offers children some real heroes to look up to:  George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amelia Earhart, and Clara Barton, to name a few.  Illuminating, uplifting and occasionally funny, these pleasant songs detail the inventions, leadership, courage and compassion of an interesting mix of history makers.  A"
Anne Reeks, Parenting Magazine


“Kids' music veteran Jonathan Sprout follows up 1996's American Heroes with this second collection of musical biographies. Flawless production and an Adult Contemporary style (think Phil Collins or Lionel Ritchie) help describe the lives of historical luminaries from Sojourner Truth to Neil Armstrong. Perfect for 3rd - 5th-Grade classrooms, where students can pick apart Sprout's detailed lyrics and use them in conjunction with textbook info. This resident of Morrisville, PA, has scheduled the release of a third American Heroes CD for sometime in 2008.” 
Warren Truitt, Librarian,