Pocahontas (1595?–1617) was a legendary Native American princess who, at the age of about eleven, may have saved the life of English explorer Captain John Smith.  She was a brave, compassionate girl who later helped the colonists by bringing them food. Without her, Smith claimed, the English would not have survived.  She inspired a rare peace between two nations with her vision of cooperation between the European settlers and her own people.  A distinguished ambassador, peacemaker and trusted friend, her legacy lives on with the survival of a colony that led to the birth of a nation.

The photo is of a statue of Pocahontas located in Jamestown, VA.  This work by William Ordway Partridge was erected in 1922 in the Old Town area of the city.


(By Jonathan Sprout, Dave Kinnoin & Jimmy Hammer)

I was captured by Algonquin warriors.

Taken to the Indian King.

Brought forth in a crowded longhouse.

She sat, listening.

Thrown down on my knees, they bound me.

I gasped for my final breath.

She rose, threw her arms around me,

Saving me from certain death.

The braves were pacing.

My heart was racing.

How would I survive?


Refrain: Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Saved my life that night!

Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Saved my life that night!


One cold winter I returned

To Werowocomoco.

She rushed to my hut concerned

With secrets I must know.

Stern whispers and teary eyes

Warned me of a night attack.

I left 'ere the moon could rise,

Gave thanks, and safely made it back.

I do confess her thoughtfulness

Kept this man alive!




Chief Powhatan's daughter

Secured my release --

This Princess of friendship and peace.


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