1974: Wrote two songs for an album by recording stars The Lettermen. Title track “To A Friend” written by Jonathan. 

1978: Released first album, ANGELS EVERYWHERE, Green Mt. Records.

1981-85: Taught music at The Lewis School, Princeton, NJ.

1981: Performed first children's concert in Hightstown, NJ at Kreps School at the urging of Jonathan's mother, Carol Sprout, a Kreps teacher.

1984: Released second album, A LIGHT IN THE NIGHT.

1986: Released third album, first children's album, ON THE RADIO.

1989: Performed first West Coast Concert tour.

1990: SING ALONG, FEATURING TOP CHILDREN’S STARS released by Peter Pan Entertainment Group available, includes “Braces” and “Do What You Say You’ll Do” from ON THE RADIO.

1990: Performed 1,000th children’s concert

1991: Released fourth album, KID POWER.

1991: Released fifth album, LULLABIES FOR A NEW AGE.

1991: A GARDEN OF GIVING album released by Bright Ideas Productions, includes “You’re Going To Fly” from KID POWER.

1992: WE LIKE KIDS! SONGS FOR THE EARTH, songbook and tape, HarperCollins, released world-wide, includes “A Better Place To Live” from KID POWER.

1994: Sixth album, DR. MUSIC, winner of“NAPPA Gold Award

1994: WE LIKE KIDS! LETTERS & NUMBERS, songbook and tape, HarperCollins, released world-wide, includes “Wordworm” from ON THE RADIO.


1995: Performed 2,000th children’s concert

1996:Seventh album, AMERICAN HEROES, winner ofthe “NAPPA Gold Award” presented by a consortium of 36 parenting magazines throughout the United States; and winner of Parents’ Choice “Audio Approved Award”

1999: LIVE & IN CURLERS, WXPN Kids’s Corner Samplerreleased, includes “Ben Franklin” from AMERICAN HEROES.

2000: Performed 3,000th children’s concert

2000: Eighth album, MORE AMERICAN HEROES released, winner of Film Advisory Board’s "Award of Excellence" & Parents' Choice "Recommended Award."

2005: Performed 4,000th children's concert

2009: Ninth album, AMERICAN HEROES #3 released

February 2009: AMERICAN HEROES #3:  iParenting Media "Best Product of 2009" Winner

April 2009: AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner Parents' Choice Recommended Award

May 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner Creative Child Seal of Excellence

May 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence

June 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner Dove Foundation "Family-Approved" Seal

August 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner 2009 National Parenting Publications Gold Award

September 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner of a Dr. Toy 10 Best Audio/Video CD/DVDs for 2009

December 2009:  AMERICAN HEROES #3: Nominated for a 2010 GRAMMY® AWARD in the field of "Best Children's Recording"

January 2010: AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner of a 2009 Family Choice Award

February 2010: AMERICAN HEROES #3: Winner of a Mom's Choice Gold Award

October 2010 AMERICAN HEROES #3: Finalist in 2010 Giftys Awards

2010: Participating recording artist on GRAMMY® nominated HEALTHY FOODS FOR KIDS CD

2011:  Performed 5,000th children's concert

2012: Participating recording artist on GRAMMY® winning ALL ABOUT BULLIES, BIG & SMALL CD

2014 - 1994:  21 consecutive years as winner of ASCAP AWARD presented by Popular Awards Panel.

February 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 CD released

February 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner KIDS FIRST All-Star Endorsement

March 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award

April 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Tillywig Brainchild Award

April 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

April 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Dove Foundation "Family Friendly" Seal

May 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Academics' Choice Smart Media Award

May 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 Mom's Choice Honoring Excellence Gold Award Recipient

June 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4  Creative Child Magazine Creative Choice Award

September 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Global Music Bronze Medal Award

October 2014: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner Dr. Toy 10 Best Audio/Video/CD/DVDs of 2014

February 2015: AMERICAN HEROES #4 winner 2015 Family Choice Award

July 2015: AMERICAN HEROES #4  winner 2015 Santa's Choice Award

January 2017: ASCAP Popular Award

January 2018: ASCAP Popular Award

January 2019: ASCAP Popular Award

January 2020: ASCAP Popular Award

February 2020: Released Passions audio CD as Founder of musical group Force For Good

Lifetime Achievements

  GRAMMY® Nominee 

  Performed 5,588 children's concerts since 1981

   Released 12 albums of original music

   Media exposure including: CBS (GRAMMYs), ABC, NBC, FOX & Cable TV appearances, cross-country air play on syndicated and local radio shows, feature articles, national awards and reviews from newspapers and magazines