Featuring stories and songs about Thomas Jonathan at mic with A12 guitarEdison, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Franklin and Pocahontas, this concert continues Jonathan's theme of introducing children to great Americans using his instructive, fun and interactive style. Stunning 30” by 40” photographs of each of the heroes flank Mr. Sprout’s elaborate stage sound system. The concert concludes with the inspiring "Heroes" song.

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Thomas EdisonTHOMAS EDISON (1847-1931), often called the greatest inventor who ever lived, patented over 1,000 inventions. These included the motion-picture projector, the phonograph and the electric light bulb. Though he completed only three months of schooling, he loved to read. It was his powerful imagination, his firm optimism and his complete self-confidence that enabled him to spend long hours inventing things that would make life better for all of humanity.


Song: "The Light Went On" (from the American Heroes CD)


Harriet TubmanHARRIET TUBMAN (1820?-1913) was born a slave near Bucktown, MD. At about the age of twenty-nine she escaped to the North. Before the outbreak of the Civil War she made nineteen journeys back to lead other slaves - including her own parents and most of her brothers and sisters - to freedom along the secret route known at the Underground Railroad.
Slave owners were constantly on the lookout for Tubman and offered large rewards for her capture, but they never succeeded in seizing her or any of the slaves she helped escape. She helped so many blacks escape to freedom that she became known as the "Moses of her people."


Song: "Take A Ride" (from the American Heroes CD)


Frederick DouglassFREDERICK DOUGLASS (1818-95) escaped the master’s whip at the age of 20 when he fled North, disguised as a sailor. As a strong voice for civil rights, his lecturing and reasoning were so impressive that opponents refused to believe he had been a slave. A beacon of morality whose vision transcended race and gender, he wrote books and published a newspaper discussing both the evils of slavery and the rights of women.



Song: "Agitate" (from the More American Heroes CD)


Benjamin FranklinFew people have done as much for the world as BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790). Although he was always proud to call himself a printer, Franklin was also a diplomat, a scientist, an inventor, a philosopher, an educator, an author, and a public servant.
In Europe, Benjamin Franklin was the most famous American of his time. It was he who persuaded the English to repeal the hated Stamp Act. It was also he who convinced the French to aid in the American Revolution. Franklin helped draft both the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.


Song: "Ben Franklin" (from the American Heroes CD)


PocahontasPOCAHONTAS(1595?–1617) was a legendary Native American princess who, at the age of about eleven, may have saved the life of English explorer Captain John Smith. She was a brave, compassionate girl who later helped the colonists by bringing them food. Without her, Smith claimed, the English would not have survived. She inspired a rare peace between two nations with her vision of cooperation between the European settlers and her own people. Distinguished ambassador, peacemaker and trusted friend, her legacy lives on with the survival of a colony that led to the birth of a nation.


Song: "Pocahontas" (from the American Heroes #3 CD)


Jonathan’s American Heroes Two concert is entertainment at its best. Our staff and students sang and danced while learning information that addressed the Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies. Our best assembly to date, this show is well worth the investment of time and money.”

Alyce Anderson, Principal
Herbertsville Elementary School, Brick, NJ


“One of the best performances we’ve ever had ... truly excellent.”
Diane McDonough, Cultural Arts Chairwoman
Tomaso Elementary School, Warren, NJ


“He’s so contagious. His messages are always so positive and motivating, filled with merriment and joy and good music.”
Ruth Sauter, Presenter & Director of Music & The Arts
Doylestown Presbyterian Church
The Doylestown Intelligencer, Doylestown, PA


“Students were amazingly mesmerized by the music and learned a lot about many incredible heroes. The children spoke about Jonathan for days after his performance.”
Judy Niconovich, VP PTA
Arlington Heights Elementary School, Stroudsburg, PA


“Jonathan Sprout's music is memorable and exciting. The heroes he chooses are always interesting wonderful examples of positive, selfless individuals. He has a unique talent for the blending of history and music that the students love!”

Gail Kulick, Principal, Stroudsburg, PA


“Sprout's music is all you'd wish for your children…fun to sing and fortified with exciting knowledge for children and parents … A true test of great children's music: Would you listen to it when no children are around? My answer is "Yes!"

Margot Gyorgy, Presenter, Andover, MA


"(It) was a wonderful day for all of us here at Sycamore! The students are still talking about your visit, and any time we have a few spare minutes, they ask me to play your songs. One first grader has already figured out that he will be in third grade when you come in two years, and he's very excited about writing a song with you."

Deborah Reidy, Teacher
Sycamore School, Indianapolis, IN


“Informative and entertaining. Our students and staff look forward to the show every year!”

Chris Sylvester, Presenter/Teacher
North Wales, PA

“The best concerts at our school by far; not sure whether teachers or students love Jonathan Sprout more! Squeaky clean and extremely thought provoking. He brings joy to learning!"

Lizanne Fisher, Presenter
Ambler, PA


“Jonathan Sprout brings the essence of History with excitement and passion to all ages! Every year we enjoy his music along with our history lessons. His music highlights our Montessori curriculum”

Patricia Slater, Presenter/Teacher
Andover, MA


“A unique blend of education and entertainment ... our children are still walking around singing your songs. Extremely enjoyable.”

Hopewell Elementary School PTA
Center Valley, PA